Speaking of Empire and Resistance

Published by The New Press, 2005

A leading political writer and activist speaks out on the crisis in the Middle East, the war on terror, and the resurgent militarism of the American Empire.

Exiled from Pakistan in the 1960s for his activism against the military dictatorship, Tariq Ali has gained a reputation as one of the English-speaking world’s most forceful political thinkers, speaking out consistently against imperialism, religious fundamentalism, and, most recently, the misguided Anglo-American war on terror, including the disastrous fiasco in Iraq. Ali’s most recent books, The Clash of Fundamentalisms and Bush in Babylon, have been widely praised and read. A prolific and eloquent writer, Ali is also a captivating conversationalist, and Speaking of Empire and Resistance captures him at his provocative best. This series of interviews brings together Ali’s insights into a wide range of topics—among them the fate of modern-day Pakistan, the occupation of Afghanistan and Iraq, the intractable Israeli-Palestinian conflict, the state of the Islamic world, and the continuing significance of imperialism in the twenty-first century. Speaking of Empire and Resistance reinforces Tariq Ali’s reputation as one of the most perceptive and engaging figures of today’s Left.

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From the archive

  • ‘Bhutto’s Bloody Return’

    October 20, 2007

    ‘Bhutto’s Bloody Return’ by Tariq Ali for Counterpunch, October 20, 2007

    The massacre in Karachi had been widely predicted. Benazir Bhutto herself has stated that she was aware of the dangers. The government pleaded with her to delay her return. Jihadi leaders, angered by her slavish support of US foreign policy, had publicly threatened to kill her. She survived but a few hundred people have been killed without reason.Her husband, who decided not to accompany her, has accused Pakistani intelligence of complicity in the attacks. Benazir Bhutto herself has preferred to attack the followers of a dead military dictator.

    Once it had become obvious that something was being planned, she would have been better advised to make a quiet return, but she insisted on a show of strength. The planning had been going on for over a month.  …

  • Tariq Ali in Washington, DC

    January 6, 2012

    January 21, 2012 7.30pm

    Busboys & Poets (Cullen Room) 1025 5th Street NW Washington, DC 20001 USA

    Tariq Ali will be discussing and signing copies of his new book On History.  In working together on two challenging new documentaries, South of the Border and the forthcoming Showtime series Oliver Stone’s Untold History of the United States—filmmaker Oliver Stone engaged with author and filmmaker Tariq Ali in a probing, hard-hitting conversation on the politics of history. Their dialogue brings to light a number of forgotten—or deliberately buried—episodes of American history, from the US intervention against the Russian Revolution, to the dynamic radicalism of the Wobblies, how Henry Wallace’s nomination for the vice presidency was deliberately thwarted by Democratic Party machine insiders, to the ongoing close connections between various US presidents and the Saudi royal family. For Stone and Ali—two of  …

  • México transita hacia un totalitarismo suave: Tariq Ali

    October 24, 2013

    Mónica Mateos-Vega

    En México, como en varios países del mundo, la democracia está dejando de existir gradualmente para dar paso a un régimen de totalitarismo suave, producto, por supuesto, del neoliberalismo, afirma en entrevista conLa Jornada el ensayista, historiador y cineasta Tariq Ali (Pakistán, 1943).

    El también periodista se encuentra en el Distrito Federal, invitado por los organizadores de la 13 Feria Internacional del Libro (FIL) en el Zócalo para participar en varias tertulias públicas y compartir sus agudos análisis acerca de los movimientos sociales, los fundamentalismos y las nuevas formas de operación del imperialismo, entre otros temas.

    La cita con el escritor es en un hotel en el Centro Histórico, en medio de calles vigiladas por granaderos y decenas de vehículos de la policía en los alrededores. Tariq Ali sale, observa a los uniformados, pide que se le haga una foto  …