Speaking of Empire and Resistance

Published by The New Press, 2005

A leading political writer and activist speaks out on the crisis in the Middle East, the war on terror, and the resurgent militarism of the American Empire.

Exiled from Pakistan in the 1960s for his activism against the military dictatorship, Tariq Ali has gained a reputation as one of the English-speaking world’s most forceful political thinkers, speaking out consistently against imperialism, religious fundamentalism, and, most recently, the misguided Anglo-American war on terror, including the disastrous fiasco in Iraq. Ali’s most recent books, The Clash of Fundamentalisms and Bush in Babylon, have been widely praised and read. A prolific and eloquent writer, Ali is also a captivating conversationalist, and Speaking of Empire and Resistance captures him at his provocative best. This series of interviews brings together Ali’s insights into a wide range of topics—among them the fate of modern-day Pakistan, the occupation of Afghanistan and Iraq, the intractable Israeli-Palestinian conflict, the state of the Islamic world, and the continuing significance of imperialism in the twenty-first century. Speaking of Empire and Resistance reinforces Tariq Ali’s reputation as one of the most perceptive and engaging figures of today’s Left.

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From the archive

  • V40 Politics / The Obama Syndrome at the Free Word Centre

    October 15, 2010

    25 October 2010

    What is the future of the American Empire? And Obama’s prospects in the mid-terms?

    As mid-term elections loom under the shadow of the insurgent Tea Party, join a panel of eminent speakers including Tariq Ali, Mehdi Hasan, DD Guttenplan and Patrick Cockburn to discuss how much Obama’s first two years in office will cost him at the most expensive elections in history.

    The hopes aroused during Obama’s election campaign have rapidly receded-the honeymoon has been short. At home, a Wall Street bailout and thwarted hopes for healthcare and financial reform. Abroad, the “war on terror” continues: Guantanamo the ‘broken promise’, torture on a daily basis in the horror chamber that is Bagram, and more troops to Afghanistan and more drone attacks in Pakistan than under Bush.

    Will the fact that Obama has proved incapable of shifting the  …

  • Tariq Ali’s speech at the National Demonstration for Gaza on 8th August, London.

    August 13, 2014

    Here is a video of Tariq Ali’s speech at the largest UK demonstration for Gaza on 8th August, London.

  • ‘No Balls’ – Tariq Ali for the LRB Blog

    September 1, 2010

    Tariq Ali on Pakistan’s cricket scandal for the London Review of Books Blog, September 1, 2010

    The mood in Pakistan is bitter, angry and vengeful. Effigies of Salman Butt have been burned, his name has been painted on donkeys and the no-ball bowlers are being violently abused all over the country. Demands that the corrupt cricketers be hanged in public are gaining ground. Among younger members of the elite there is shock that Butt (educated at a posh school) has let the side down. Mohammad Amir they could understand since he’s from a poor family. The blindness of this cocooned layer of young Pakistanis is hardly a surprise, but popular anger should not be underestimated. The no-ballers and their captain will need round-the-clock security when they return. Much better to take a long holiday abroad (surely they can  …