Socialism Today reviews The Clash of Fundamentalisms

The Clash of Fundamentalisms reviewed by Jim Horton for Socialism Today, September 2003.

TARIQ ALI’S Clash of Fundamentalisms, recently re-published in paperback, is a welcome contribution to the post 9/11 debates taking place on left.

Tariq Ali has been prominent in the anti-war movement and his book gives vent to his anti-imperialism. Targeting particularly “the most dangerous ‘fundamentalism’ today – the ‘mother of all fundamentalisms’,” US imperialism, Tariq explains how it has used the tragedy of 9/11 to pursue a traditional far-right Republican agenda.

Written before the recent bloody assault on Iraq, Tariq’s book attacks Bush and Blair’s justifications for the war; and, anticipating current arguments over weapons off mass destruction, Tariq mockingly declares that all “the talk of ‘weapons of mass destruction’ consists of fairy tales designed to frighten the children/citizens at home”. read more