Tariq Ali speaks to Democracy Now about the European Union’s Nobel Peace Prize

The European Union was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize earlier this year for its historic role in uniting the continent. Committee chair Thorbjoern Jagland praised the EU for transforming Europe “from a continent of wars to a continent of peace.” The selection surprised many as it comes at a time when much of Europe is facing an economic crisis that threatens the EU’s future. Tariq Ali spoke to Democracy Now about the award and the state of the European Union.

To see the interview visit the Democracy Now website.

From the archive

  • Tariq Ali interviewed by The Progressive

    January 1, 2002

    An interview with Tariq Ali by David Barsamian for The Progressive, January 2002

    Q: A Pakistani general once told you, “Pakistan was the condom that the Americans needed to enter Afghan-istan. We’ve served our purpose and they think we can be just flushed down the toilet.” That was in the 1980s, when the United States and Pakistan funded and armed the mujahedeen to defeat the godless Soviet Union. Is the United States again using Pakistan as a condom?

    Tariq Ali: I think the Americans fished out the same condom but found it had too many holes in it. So they supplied a new one, and they’ve gone in again. But this time they couldn’t go in with the Pakistani army, since the Pakistani army created the Taliban and propelled it to victory. It could hardly be expected to  …

  • Entrevista a Tariq Alí para ‘El Viejo Topo’

    April 2, 2008

    An interview with Tariq Ali by Joan Benach and López Arnal for El viejo topo, April 2008

    Tariq Alí es un conocido intelectual, escritor, historiador, cineasta y activista paquistaní, autor de libros de historia y política así como de varias novelas. Alí escribe habitualmente para revistas y periódicos como The Guardian, Monthly Review, o Z Magazine y es editor y asiduo colaborador de sinpermiso y New Left Review.

    Entre sus libros más recientes cabe citar: El choque de los fundamentalismos: cruzadas, yihads y modernidad (Alianza editorial, 2004), Bush en Babilonia: la recolonización de Iraq (Alianza editorial, 2005), Años de lucha en la calle. Una autobiografía de los sesenta (Foca, 2007) y Piratas del caribe. El eje de la esperanza (Foca, 2008). Durante su reciente visita a Barcelona a principios de abril, en compañía del periodista y escritor Richard  …

  • ‘Murdoch: Will Anything Really Change?’

    July 21, 2011

    ‘Murdoch: Will Anything Really Change?’ by Tariq Ali for Counterpunch, July 20, 2011

    The rottenness of British political culture, in a country where the lives of so many have been subjugated by lies for so long, has now been on public view for the last few weeks. The country’s most powerful media baron is forced by events to close down his profitable Sunday paper—News of the World— specializing in celebrity sex stories and using its close links with the police to get tip-offs about murder investigations, disappearances, etc. They went too far by hacking the mobile phone of a murder victim and stealing the messages, thus creating an impression that she might still be alive.

    It was this that triggered a nationwide revulsion shining the torch on politicians and the senior most policemen in the country. Why had David Cameron hired  …