Public meeting: On the eve of the Nato summit, how to stop the spread of war

From Gaza to Iraq to Ukraine: the world is in flames and the western powers are bent on pouring fuel on the fire. NATO gives full backing to Israel, the watchdog of imperialism in the Middle East. Meanwhile in Ukraine the alliance has been stoking the flames of civil war, holding military exercises on Ukrainian soil at time fraught with international tensions. And in Iraq, horrific sectarian violence has shown how western intervention has failed by every measure.

The leaders of the key Western powers will gather in Wales for the NATO summit at the end of the month. We need the biggest possible protests to force them to break from their aggressive foreign policy.

Public meeting: How to stop the spread of war
Wednesday 27th August, 6.30pm
The Bloomsbury Baptist Church
235 Shaftesbury Ave, London, WC2H 8EP
Speakers include Tariq Ali, Lindsey German, Boris Kagarlitsky

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