Tariq Ali on the launch of TeleSUR English, the largest Latin American news channel


By Sophia Hussain

Last week, Venezuela-based news channel TeleSUR launched its English language website, bringing the left-leaning perspectives of Latin America to new audiences and offering a corrective to the English news media.

The site, which largely represents the views of state backers Argentina, Bolivia, Cuba, Nicaragua, Uruguay and Venezuela, has already published incisive reporting on Israeli offensive in Gaza. Tariq Ali, Verso author and New Left Review editor, has long been involved with TeleSUR and will host The World Today, an interview show to be broadcast four times a week.


Addressing criticism that TeleSUR is a “mouthpiece of the Latin American left,” Ali told The Miami Herald that this is a hypocritical stance:


The global corporate media is the mouthpiece for the system of the market — its political aims, its wars . .  …

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Tariq Ali tells the BBC why there is so much anger about its biased Gaza reporting

Tariq Ali tells the BBC on 09/08/14, when 150,000 marched in the biggest ever UK demonstration for Gaza, why there is such widespread criticism of the Israeli bias in its reporting.


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Tariq Ali’s speech at the National Demonstration for Gaza on 8th August, London.

Here is a video of Tariq Ali’s speech at the largest UK demonstration for Gaza on 8th August, London.

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Tariq Ali on The World Today

Watch Tariq Ali on Telesur’s The Day Today, talking about the current Israel-Palestine conflict. Click here for more information and to watch the programme.

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Can Democracy Co-exist with Contemporary Capitalism?

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From the archive

  • Tariq Ali and the Future of European Citizenship

    September 7, 2012

    Tariq Ali in conversation with Nick Holdstock for Citizenship in Southeast Europe

    N.H.: Maybe we should talk about what’s happening right now. Do you think the recent successes of the left in the European elections are just protest votes against the governments or can we see these as grounds for more general hope?

    T.A.: Well, I think it varies from country to country. In France I think what we are seeing is the traditional anger of the electorate against incumbents. It doesn’t matter who is in power over the last few years, the story has been a bad one and the electorate decides OK, let’s vote them out. This happened in Britain when New Labour were voted out. It has happened in Greece, where PASOK was aware that New Democracy deliberately called an election because they wanted to be  …

  • ‘Bhutto’s Bloody Return’

    October 20, 2007

    ‘Bhutto’s Bloody Return’ by Tariq Ali for Counterpunch, October 20, 2007

    The massacre in Karachi had been widely predicted. Benazir Bhutto herself has stated that she was aware of the dangers. The government pleaded with her to delay her return. Jihadi leaders, angered by her slavish support of US foreign policy, had publicly threatened to kill her. She survived but a few hundred people have been killed without reason.Her husband, who decided not to accompany her, has accused Pakistani intelligence of complicity in the attacks. Benazir Bhutto herself has preferred to attack the followers of a dead military dictator.

    Once it had become obvious that something was being planned, she would have been better advised to make a quiet return, but she insisted on a show of strength. The planning had been going on for over a month.  …