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‘This is no rah-rah revolt’

‘This is no rah-rah revolt’ by Tariq Ali for The Guardian, April 25, 2006

Nepalese have lost their fear of repression and are making a genuine, old-fashioned revolution

There is something refreshingly old-fashioned taking place in the Himalayan kingdom of Nepal: a genuine revolution. In recognition of this, the US has told citizens except for “essential diplomats” to leave the country, usually a good sign. Since April 6, Nepal has been paralysed by a general strike called by the political parties and backed by Maoist guerrillas. Hundreds of thousands are out on the streets—several have been shot dead and more than 200 wounded. A curfew is in force and the army has been given shoot-to-kill orders.

But the people have lost their fear and it is this that makes them invincible. If a single platoon refuses to obey orders, the Bastille will fall and the palace will be stormed. Another crowned head will fall very soon. A caretaker government will organise free elections to a constituent assembly, and this will determine the future shape of the country. read more

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  • ‘Operation Iranian Freedom’

    July 31, 2003

    ‘Operation Iranian Freedom’ by Tariq Ali for The Nation, July 31, 2003

    In Washington, the hawks and vultures are beginning to gaze at Iran with greed-filled eyes. The British attack dog is barking and straining at the leash. And the Israeli ambassador to the United States has helpfully suggested that the onward march of the American Empire should not be brought to a premature halt in Baghdad. Teheran beckons, and then there is always Damascus. The only argument summoned by the blood-mottled “doves” is that the occupation of Iraq should be sufficient to bring the Iranian mullahs to heel. Naturally, this latter view does not satisfy the would-be Shah or his followers in Los Angeles. The Young Pretender is appearing regularly on the BBC and CNN these days, desperate to please and a bit too eager to mimic  …

  • ‘Close New Zealand’s foreign ministry’

    March 23, 2011

    Tariq Ali interviewed by Michael Field for Stuff, March 21 2011

    Leftwing author, academic and radical Tariq Ali is filling Auckland lecture halls with his views of the world. Stuff’s Michael Field met him for coffee and his views on New Zealand.

    Intellectual Tariq Ali – the striking fellow the Rolling Stones wrote Street Fighting Man in honour of – sees no reason to soften a message in deference to his hosts.

    ”New Zealand is not a country one thinks of greatly when one doesn’t live here,” he says, sitting on the terrace at Auckland’s Old Government House (”surprisingly modest for the British”), before giving a deep laugh.

    New Zealand has no foreign policy but is simply a vassal of the United States, he says, and there is no point in having a standing army.

    He wonders why Maori  …