V40 Politics / The Obama Syndrome at the Free Word Centre

25 October 2010

What is the future of the American Empire? And Obama’s prospects in the mid-terms?

As mid-term elections loom under the shadow of the insurgent Tea Party, join a panel of eminent speakers including Tariq Ali, Mehdi Hasan, DD Guttenplan and Patrick Cockburn to discuss how much Obama’s first two years in office will cost him at the most expensive elections in history.

The hopes aroused during Obama’s election campaign have rapidly receded-the honeymoon has been short. At home, a Wall Street bailout and thwarted hopes for healthcare and financial reform. Abroad, the “war on terror” continues: Guantanamo the ‘broken promise’, torture on a daily basis in the horror chamber that is Bagram, and more troops to Afghanistan and more drone attacks in Pakistan than under Bush.

Will the fact that Obama has proved incapable of shifting the political terrain even a few inches in a reformist direction pave the way for a Republican surge and triumph in the not too distant future?

This event chaired by Victoria Brittain, marks Verso’s 40th year of independent, radical publishing, and the launch of Tariq Ali’s new book The Obama Syndrome. In association with the New Statesman.

Tickets are free, but booking is essential for this event.  Call 020 7324 2570 or email info@freewordonline.com to book .Obama_crop

7.00pm – 8.30pm

Free Word Centre

60 Farringdon Road

London EC1R 3GA

United Kingdom