Tariq Ali speaks to Sarfraz Manzoor for the Guardian

Tariq Ali interviewed by Sarfraz Manzoor for the Guardian, March 7 2011 about his life in dissent, student protests and the Arab uprisings.

On the contemporary events in the Middle East, Ali says, “it restores sense of balance in this world. It’s not all neoliberalism, it’s not all money money money, its not all celebrity politics: here are millions of people taking their destiny in their own hands saying, ‘In order to win all, you have to be prepared to sacrifice all.’ That is what they’re doing in the Arab world … It really is the beginning of a phase that might take five or six years to happen but there is no doubt we are at a turning point …

It rejuvenates you when history is being made, people are out on the streets again, governments are being changed, dictators are being toppled, students in Europe and workers are beginning to fight for their rights again … When we were young coming out Vietnam demonstrations, we used to get a real frisson when people would say ‘there are veterans from the Spanish civil war of 1936,’ and this band of oldies would come saying ‘Spanish civil war veterans against the war’ … I feel a bit like that now!”

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