“Time for action, I think…” On Chilcot and the Establishment


If you read the FT editorial today its very clear. Chilcot has redeemed the British Establishment. They have washed their hands clean and removed the blood stains. True, but the bloodshed in Iraq requires justice. The Americans banned the Iraqi Heathy Ministry from counting the Iraqi dead. That was an official decision by the gang-leaders of the Occupation.

The West will never try its own in any court, but at the very least Blair should be treated like a pariah all over the world. And the demand for a trial should be accelerated and globalised. His badly-ghosted books transferred by activists to the Crime section of Waterstones. As for Ann Clwyd she is beneath contempt. The death of a million or so Iraqis doesn’t bother her too much. Why doesn’t she demand NATO bombing of Turkey that has been far more brutal to the Kurds than Saddam. They were never denied their language and schools in Iraq! They are still being killed today. What is Clwyd doing? Justifying her past just like her Dear Leader. These are people without shame. Arab lives mean nothing to them. Blair was, of course, on the ‘international community’s’ payroll for reading out Mossad press releases in Jerusalem as a sop for not being in Downing Street. Blood money…. It was precisely to break from the Iraq syndrome that Cameron sent British bombers to Syria . They were not needed and have barely done anything, thank God, but it was a manouevre to make future wars easier. The Blairites led by Benn voted for this atrocity, but the only war they will ever fight is against Corbyn. Time for action, I think…