‘The London Bombings’

‘The London Bombings’ by Tariq Ali for Counterpunch, July 8, 2005

There was no public transport in London yesterday afternoon. The underground system was closed and the police were advising people not to go near central London. Casualties are in the hundreds and there are many deaths. The first reaction to the rush-hour bombs on the underground was to suggest they were caused by an electricity surge. Then a tourist bus blew up in Russell Square, in the vicinity of the British Museum. It was obvious that this was no ‘electricity surge’ but the return of terror attacks to London.

During the last phase of ‘the troubles’, the IRA targeted mainland Britain: they came close to blowing up Margaret Thatcher and her Cabinet when they bombed the Grand Hotel in Brighton during a Conservative Party Conference. Several months later a missile was fired at 10 Downing Street. London’s financial quarter was also targeted causing immense damage to property. There was no secret as to the identity of the organization that carried out the hits or its demands. And all this happened despite the ‘internment without trial’ and the various Prevention of Terrorism Acts passed by the House of Commons. read more