Tariq Ali vs. Christopher Hitchens II – Democracy Now

Tariq Ali and Christopher Hitchens debate the US war on Iraq, the Bush-Kerry race and the neo-conservative movement for Democracy Now!, October 4, 2004

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  • ‘Solidarity with Lebanon and Palestine’

    August 3, 2006

    ‘Solidarity with Lebanon and Palestine’ with Tariq Ali among the signatories, August 3, 2006

    The US-backed Israeli assault on Lebanon has left the country numb, smoldering and angry. The massacre in Qana and the loss of life is not simply “disproportionate.” It is, according to existing international laws, a war crime.

    The deliberate and systematic destruction of Lebanon’s social infrastructure by the Israeli air force was also a war crime, designed to reduce that country to the status of an Israeli-US protectorate.

    The attempt has backfired, as people all over the world watch aghast. In Lebanon itself, 87 percent of the population now support Hezbollah’s resistance, including 80 percent of Christian and Druze and 89 percent of Sunni Muslims, while 8 percent believe the US supports Lebanon.

    But these actions will not be tried by any court set up by  …

  • ‘Pakistan on the Brink’

    March 30, 2000

    ‘Pakistan on the Brink’ by Tariq Ali for The Nation, March 30, 2000

    Pakistan today is a complete mess, a sad example of what can happen when a once-favored “frontline state” is reduced to the status of a cold war orphan. In his recent brief visit President Clinton urged a quick return to civilian rule, but in fact few Pakistanis mourn Gen. Pervez Musharraf’s overthrow last October of Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif’s corrupt and oppressive pseudo-democracy. The poor and the secular-liberal intelligentsia pray that the new military regime will prevent a slide toward further chaos. These hopes are likely to be dashed, since the regime is paralyzed by internal divisions. Mohammed Aziz and Mahmoud Ahmed, the two key generals flanking Musharraf, are known for their sympathies with the fundamentalist Taliban.

    Several tests confront the new strongman of Pakistan:  …